Israel & the Arabs: The June 1967 WarFacts on File
    Palestinian Impasse: Arab Guerrillas & International TerrorFacts on File
      Encyclopedia of terrorismFacts on File
      Space and astronomy experimentsFacts on File
      To rise from earth : an easy-to-understand guide to space flightFacts on File
      Ecology : plants, animals, and the environmentFacts on File
      The encyclopedia of women's healthFacts on File
      The atlas of the Arab world : geopolitics and societyFacts on File
      Critical companion to Mark Twain : a literary reference to his life and work , Vol : 1Facts on File
      Greek and Roman mythology A to Z : a young reader's companionFacts on File
      Spy fiction : A connoisseur's guideFacts on File
      In vitro fertilization : the A.R.T. of making babiesFacts on File
      Encyclopedia Of Word and Phrase OriginsFacts on File

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