Color Atlas of Ophtalmic Surgery GlaucomaJ.B.Lippincott company
Introduction To RadiologyJ.B.Lippincott company
Cultural anthropologyJ.B.Lippincott company
Instructor's guide for nutrition: princeples and application in health promotionJ.B.Lippincott company
An Introduction to nursing research: research, measurement, and computers in nursingJ.B.Lippincott company
Theoretical Nursing:Development & ProgressJ.B.Lippincott company
Nursing Care plans and DocumentationJ.B.Lippincott company
Instructor's manual for Clinical Pharmacology and nursing managementJ.B.Lippincott company
Nursing Pharmacology:an integrated approach to drug therapy and nursing practiceJ.B.Lippincott company
Other Fields Other Grasshoppers Reading In Cultural AnthropologyJ.B.Lippincott company
Perspectives On Nursing TheoryJ.B.Lippincott company
Nutrition: Principles and Applicationin Health PromotionJ.B.Lippincott company
Matern and Child health nurting:Care of the childbearing and childrearing familyJ.B.Lippincott company
Nurses' Drug ManualJ.B.Lippincott company
Child Health Care: Process and PracticeJ.B.Lippincott company
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing :Adaptation and GrowthJ.B.Lippincott company
Fundamentals of Nursing:Human Health and funictionJ.B.Lippincott company
    Nursing Pharmacology:an integrated Approach to Drug therapy and Nursing PracticeJ.B.Lippincott company
    Handbook of Medicine of the Fetus & MotherJ.B.Lippincott company
    Fundamentals of Nursing:Human Health and FunctionJ.B.Lippincott company
      Health Care AdeministrationJ.B.Lippincott company
      Psychology of motivationJ.B.Lippincott company
      Community Health Nursing:an Epidemiologic Perspective through the Nursing ProcessJ.B.Lippincott company
      Physical Anthropology : An IntroductionJ.B.Lippincott company
      Study Guide To Accompany: Fundamentals of Nursing Human health and FunictionJ.B.Lippincott company

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