Soil, not oil : climate change, peak oil and food insecurityZed Books
Organizing women workers in the informal economy : beyond the weapons of the weakZed Books
Common ground : the sharing of land and landscapes for sustainabilityZed Books
Feminism and Islamic fundamentalism : the limits of postmodern analysisZed Books
Getting institutions right for women in developmentZed Books
Women, citizenship and differenceZed Books
Women's studies and culture : a feminist introductionZed Books
The aftermath : women in post-war transformationZed Books
Women's rights and Islamic family law : perspectives on reformZed Books
From where we stand : war, women's activism, and feminist analysisZed Books
Women & plants : gender relations in biodiversity management and conservationZed Books
Feminist post-development thought : rethinking modernity, post-colonialism & representationZed Books
The traffic in women : human realities of the international sex tradeZed Books
Female well-being : toward a global theory of social changeZed Books
Girl trouble : panic and progress in the history of young womenZed Books
Women, violence and tradition : taking FGM and other practices to a secular stateZed Books
Dowry : bridging the gap between theory and practiceZed Books
Feminism is queer : the intimate connection between queer and feminist theoryZed Books
The gender politics of development : essays in hope and despairZed Books
Female genital mutilation : a guide to laws and policies worldwideZed Books
The daughters of development : women and the changing environmentZed Books
Forced marriage : introducing a social justice and human rights perspectiveZed Books
Women in Israel : race, gender and citizenshipZed Books
Circumcision of women : a strategy for eradicationZed Books
Feminisms in development : contradictions, contestations, and challengesZed Books

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