World plan of action for the appliaction of science and technology to developmentUnited Nations
    Annual bulletin of electric energy statistics for EuropeUnited Nations
      The United Nations disarmament YearbookUnited Nations
        Commodity Indexes for the standard International Trade Classification, Revision 2United Nations
          Reduction of Military Budgets: international reporting of military expendituresUnited Nations
            Comprehensive Study on Nuclear WeaponsUnited Nations
              The reverse transfer of technolgy: a survey of its main features, causes and policy impicationsUnited Nations
                An international code of conduct on transfere of technologyUnited Nations
                  Resolutions and Decisions of the Security council 1980: Security council offical recordsUnited Nations
                    Commission on transnational corpoations: report the seventh sessionUnited Nations
                    Demand and Supply of Opiates for Medical and scientific needsUnited Nations
                      Development of airborne equipment to intensify world food productionUnited Nations
                        Yearbook of the International Law Commission: documents of the 3ist sessionUnited Nations
                        Adoption and foster palcement of children: report of an expert group meeting on adaption and ....United Nations
                          Technology assessment for development, report of the United Nations seminar on technolgy assessmentUnited Nations
                            Statistical yearbook for asia and the pacificUnited Nations
                              Guidebook on biogas developementUnited Nations
                                Yearbook of construction statisticsUnited Nations
                                  Profiles of manufacturing establishmentUnited Nations
                                    Popular participation as a strategy for promoting community-level action and national developmentUnited Nations
                                      Technology for solar energy utilizationUnited Nations
                                        Studies on development problems in selected countries of the Middle East 1973United Nations
                                          Studies on Selected Development Problems in Various Countries in the Middle East, 1970United Nations
                                            Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific, 1976United Nations

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