Survey of Economic Conditions in Africa, 1973United Nations
    Transnational Corporations in world Development: a Re-ExaminationUnited Nations
      Statistical yearbook for asia and the pacificUnited Nations
      World energy supplies, 1972-1976: Statistical papersUnited Nations
        World energy supplies- 1971-1975: Statistical papersUnited Nations
          Statistics of internal migration: a technical reportUnited Nations
            Transport and communication buletin for Asia and the PacificUnited Nations
              Panel on Foreign investment in developing CountriesUnited Nations
                Second United Nations desalination plant operation surveyUnited Nations
                  Ground Water in the Western HemisphereUnited Nations
                    Guidelines For Flood Loss prevention and Management in Developing CountriesUnited Nations
                      The role of science and technology in reducing the impact of natural disasters on MankindUnited Nations
                        Establishment of A Comprehensive Information System on Transnational Corporations: Government ReplieUnited Nations
                          Implementation of the international development strategyUnited Nations
                            Ground_Water storage and artificial rechargeUnited Nations
                              International standard of accounting and reporting for...United Nations
                                The growth of the pharmaceutical industry in developing countriesUnited Nations
                                Long-Term projections for developement planning problems and experience report on the second ....United Nations
                                  Report on the International seminaron the mobilization of personal savings in developing countriesUnited Nations
                                    Use of systems of models in planning: seminar on the use of systems of models in planningUnited Nations
                                      Appropriate Technology and research for industrial developementUnited Nations
                                        Attack on mass poverty and unemployment: views and recommendations of the committee for developmentUnited Nations
                                          Foreign trade stations of Asia and the PacificUnited Nations
                                            The acquisition of technology from multinational corporations by developing countriesUnited Nations
                                              Renewing the development priorityUnited Nations

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