World statistics in briefUnited Nations
    The imocat Multinational corporations on Development and on international RelationsUnited Nations
      The impact of multinational of Economic and Social AffairsUnited Nations
        World population: trends and policies, 1977 monitoring reportUnited Nations
          Statistical yearbook for latin AmericaUnited Nations
            Sixth United Nations regional cartographic conference for Asia and The Far East ,24 Oct_7 Nov .1970United Nations
            World cartographyUnited Nations
              Second United Nations conference on the standardization off Geographical NamesUnited Nations
                The Right of Return of the Palestinian PeopleUnited Nations
                Yearbook of international trade Statistics 1972-1973United Nations
                World statistics in briefUnited Nations
                  Basic problems of disarmamentUnited Nations
                    World statistics insBriefUnited Nations
                      The application of computer technolgy for development, second report of the Scretary-GeneralUnited Nations
                        Disarmament, progress towards peaceUnited Nations
                          Industrial development survey: special issue for the Second General conference of UNIDO, Lma, Peru,United Nations
                            The application of computer teachnology for dwvelopmentUnited Nations
                              Survey of research on transnational CorporationsUnited Nations
                                Demographic YearbookUnited Nations
                                Yearbook of the United NationsUnited Nations
                                  Statistical Yearbook 1977United Nations
                                  Yearbook of international trade statistics 1976United Nations
                                  Skopje Resutgent_the story of United Special funal town planning projectUnited Nations
                                    Proceedings of the Conference on the Capabilities and Needs of Disabled Persons in the Escwa RegionUnited Nations
                                    Review and appraisal of the world population plan of action 1994 reportUnited Nations

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