Exploring, visualizing, communicatingPrentice-Hall
    All in one basic writing skills workbook and readerPrentice-Hall
    Introduction to geology and historicalPrentice-Hall
        Dynamic EcologyPrentice-Hall
          Marketing management: Analysis, planning, and controlPrentice-Hall
          Marlow: A collection of critical essaysPrentice-Hall
            Problems in engineering design graphicsPrentice-Hall
              Creative English: The Basic for comprehension and expressionPrentice-Hall
                  Developing listening comprehension for ESL StudentsPrentice-Hall
                  Introduction to Physical anthropology and archaeologyPrentice-Hall
                    Written English:An Introduction for beginning Students of English as a second LanguagePrentice-Hall
                      Modern English: Exercises for nonnative speakersPrentice-Hall
                        Cases in consumer behaviorPrentice-Hall
                          The earthPrentice-Hall
                            Introduction to the AlagePrentice-Hall
                              Introduction to oceanographyPrentice-Hall
                                Origin of Sedimentary rocksPrentice-Hall
                                  Production and operations managementPrentice-Hall
                                    Earthquakes and earth structurePrentice-Hall
                                      Marketing today's fashionPrentice-Hall
                                        Wind Waves: Their generation and Propagation on the ocean SurfacePrentice-Hall
                                          calculus for business and economicsPrentice-Hall

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