Early child development : investing in the futureWorld Bank
World Bank Group Assistance for Minerals Sector Development & Reform in Member CountriesWorld Bank
Honduras: Toward Better health Care for allWorld Bank
Education: Sector policy paperWorld Bank
    Trends in developing economies 1993World Bank
    World debt tables, 1990-91: external debt of developing countriesWorld Bank
    Expanding opportunities and building competencies for young people : a new agenda for secondary educationWorld Bank
    Promoting social cohesion through education : case studies and tools for using textbooks and curriculaWorld Bank
    AIDS in South Asia : understanding and responding to a heterogeneous epidemicWorld Bank
    The road not traveled : education reform in the Middle East and North AfricaWorld Bank
    Stopping tuberculosis in Central Asia : priorities for actionWorld Bank
    Characterizing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa : time for strategic actionWorld Bank
    Building commitment to reform through strategic communication: the five key decisionsWorld Bank
    Scaling up nutrition : what will it cost?World Bank
    Borrowing and lending terminology : English-French-SpanishWorld Bank
    Reshaping economic geographyWorld Bank
    Safer homes, stronger communities : a handbook for reconstructing after natural disastersWorld Bank
    Post-crisis growth in developing countries : a special report of the Commission on Growth and DeveloWorld Bank
      The World Bank research program : abstracts of current studies.2008-2009World Bank
      Little data book on Africa 2010World Bank
      The little green data book 2010World Bank
      Two dragon heads : contrasting development paths for Beijing and ShanghaiWorld Bank
      Egyptian women workers and entrepreneurs : maximizing opportunities in theWorld Bank
      Moving out of poverty -- v. 4. Rising from the ashes of conflict.World Bank
      Innocent bystanders : developing countries and the war on drugsWorld Bank

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