Structure Style and Usage Rhetoric and ReasoningHolt, Rinehart
    A Guadalcanal Society:the Koako speakerHolt, Rinehart
      The Zinacanteos of Mexico: a modern Maya wayHolt, Rinehart
        Analytic syntaxHolt, Rinehart
          Historical linguisticsHolt, Rinehart
          American English RhetoricHolt, Rinehart
            Linguistics and literary styleHolt, Rinehart
            The Study of the Lugbara;expectation and paradox in anthropological researchHolt, Rinehart
            The Eskimo of North AlaskaHolt, Rinehart
              Spout Spring:a black communityHolt, Rinehart
                The Barbaig:East African Cattle herdersHolt, Rinehart
                  The Yoruba of Southwestern NigeriaHolt, Rinehart
                    Mexican-Americans of South TexasHolt, Rinehart
                      Problems of American society:values in conflictHolt, Rinehart
                        Written excercises:English as a second languageHolt, Rinehart
                        Concise handbook of grammarHolt, Rinehart
                          Adventures with wordsHolt, Rinehart
                            Ideas in motion:Essays for RhetoricHolt, Rinehart
                            Reading on SemanticsHolt, Rinehart
                              Technical calculusHolt, Rinehart
                              Henry Adams:an introduction and interpretationHolt, Rinehart
                                Introductory Reading on LanguageHolt, Rinehart
                                  The effective themeHolt, Rinehart
                                    The one act play :A laboratory for dramaHolt, Rinehart
                                    writing about poetryHolt, Rinehart

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