Concentrated and Dried Dairy productsVCH
    Turbo Pascal for ChemistsVCH
    Safety in The Chemistry and Biochemistry LaboratoryVCH
      Accident and emergency management:Problems and SolutionsVCH
            Carbonic Anhydrase:From biochemistry and genetics to physiology and clinical medicineVCH
              Calculations of drug lipophilicityVCH
                Calcium Channel modulators in Heart and Smooth MuscleVCH
                  CROWN Compounds:Toward Future ApplicationVCH
                    Cyclitols and their derivatives :A Handbook of Physical spectral and synthetic dataVCH
                      Dictionary ofchemistry EnglishVCH
                        Mathematical Modeling in ChemistryVCH
                        General and Inorganic Chemistry Made EasyVCH
                          Sensors: A comprehensive surveyVCH
                            Biomembranes:Physical aspectsVCH
                              Stereochemistry of radical reactionsVCH
                                Principles and practice of heterogeneous catalysisVCH
                                Laboratory Manual for the Examination of Water,Waste Water and SoilVCH
                                Transition metal chemistry: The Valence Shell in d-Block ChemistryVCH
                                  supramolecular chemistry:Concepts and perspectivesVCH
                                    Modern Synthetic MethodsVCH
                                      Stereoselective synthesisVCH
                                        Environmental chemistry of the heavy elements:Hydrido and organo compoundsVCH

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