Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress,vol. 17: Precambrian GeVSP
Proceedings of the 30th international geological congress Vol. 14: structural geology and geomechaniVSP
Geoscience and human survival environment, natural hazards: global changeVSP
THe Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of capitalismVSP
    New Technology For GeosciencesVSP
    Mathematical Geology and GeoinformaticsVSP
    Comparative planetology, geological education, history of geologyVSP
    Environmental geologyVSP
    Engineering geologyVSP
    Quaternary GeologyVSP
    Geology of fossil fuels-CoalVSP
    Geology of fossil fuels - oil and gasVSP
    Igneous petrologyVSP
    Marine geology and PalaeoceanographyVSP
    Palaeontology and historical geologyVSP
    Energy and mineral resources for the 21st centuryVSP
    Basin analysis, global sedimentary geology and sedimentologyVSP
    Orogenic belts geological mappingVSP
    Global tectonic zones supercontinent formation and disposalVSP
    Contemporary lithospheric motion seismic geologyVSP

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