The Negroland of the Arab:Examined and explained or an inquiry into the early history and geographyaFrank Cass
    A History of the Arabs in the SudanFrank Cass
      Sudanese memoirs:Being mainly translaions of a number of Arabic manuscripts relating to the centralnFrank Cass
        An account of British settlement of Aden in ArabiaFrank Cass
          The Sudan under Wingate:Administration in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan(1899-1916)Frank Cass
            Life in Abyssinia, being notes collected during three year's Residence and traels in that countryFrank Cass
              The Affairs of Arabia 1905-1906Frank Cass
                Palestine Jewry and the Arab Question, 1917-1925Frank Cass
                  History, Philosophy PoliticsFrank Cass
                    The Palestine conflict in the history of modern Iraq : The dynamics of involvement 1928-1948Frank Cass
                    Reuven Shiloah the Man Behind the MossadFrank Cass
                    British election and parties yearbook 1996Frank Cass
                    Spanish Islam: A history of the Moslems in SpainFrank Cass
                      Palestine immigration policy under Sir Herbert SamuelFrank Cass
                        Arabic political memories and other StudiesFrank Cass
                          Islam, Nationalism and Communism in a Traditional SocietyFrank Cass
                            The Emergence of the Palestinian-Arab National Movement, 1918-1929Frank Cass
                              The Darvishes or oriental spiritualismFrank Cass
                                The Role Of Government In The Industrialization Of Iraq 1950-1965Frank Cass
                                  The chartist movement: in its social and economic aspectsFrank Cass
                                    Lord Liverpool and Liberal Toryism, 1820-1827Frank Cass
                                      Studies in the History of the Near EastFrank Cass

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