Environment and Development Prospects in the West Bank and Gaza StripUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Main features of domestic and external merchandise trade of the West Bank and Gaza StripUnited Nations
Towards a Data Base Study of Palestinian Needs : A SynopsisWest Bank Studies
Occupation: Israel over palestineAssociation of arab-american
The Cursed BlessingWeidenfeld and Nicolson
The West bank and Gaza Strip Private EconomyUnited Nations
Economic and Social Conditions in the West bank and Gaza stripUnited Nations
UNSCO report on economic and social conditions in the West Bank and Gaza StripOffice of the Special Coordinator in the Occupied Territories
This land is our land: the West Bank under Israeli occupationZed Press
Bethlehem 2000 international conferenceUnited Nations
Rural Politics of the west bank:the Village council systemUniversity Microfilms Internatinal
The Impact of Iseaeli settlements in the west bankUnited Nations
National Farm Data Handbook occupied TerritoriesUnited Nations
Scenarios on Jewish Settlements in The West bank and Gaza StripPalestinian center for regional studies
United Nations international meeting on the convening of the conference on measures to enforce the fUnited Nations
Israel's Deportation Policy:in the Occupied west bank and gazaUniversity of California
Growing fast: the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza StripFafo institute for applied social science
Administrative Detenion in the Occupied West BankLaw in the Service of Man
Perpetual Emergncy: Alegal Analysis of Israels Uss of the British Defenceal-haq
The present status of electricity services in the West BankThe Palestinian Energy and Environment Research Center (PEC)
Masterplanning The State Of PalestineCenter For Enegineering and Planning
The Palestinian electricity sector: guidlines for reconstruction and developmentPalestine studies project-center for engineering and planning
The Criminalization of education: academic freedom and human richts at Birzeit university during thePublic relations office-Birzeit university
Occupation: Israel Over PalestineAssociation Of Arab-American University Graduates
Aid effectiveness in the west bank and gazaThe Government of Japan & the World Bank

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