Endangered cultural Heritage sites in the West Bank GovernoratesMinistry of planning and International cooperation
By-Pass roads effects on the physical environment in the West BankAn-Najah National University
Health promoting schools: knowledge, attitude,& practice for school age children(7-12)in the West BAtalian Cooperation/PCBS
Effective Schooling in the West BankTwente University Press
Assessment of Rehabilitation Services in the North Districts of West Bank In PalestineAn- Najah National University
Center of the storm a case study of human rights abuses in hebron districtHuman Rights Watch
Aspects of Palestinian Water RightsRamallah Center for human rights Studies
Islamic fundamentalism in the West Bank and Gaza Muslim brotherhood and islamic jihadIndiana University Press
Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement On The West Bank And The Gaza StripJMCC
Proceedings Of The Nengoot Conference On Euro-Palestinian Development And CooperationA Nengoot Publication
PECDAR, Palestinian economic council for development and reconstruction activity report 1999-2000PECDAR, Palestinian economic council for development and reconstruction
Human Rights Violations In The West Bank In Their Own WordsCommission Of Churches On International Affairs
Environmental Impact assessment of small industries in west bank with emphasis on olive pressesAn-Najah National University
Our shared environment: Israelis and Palestinians thinking together about the environment of the regIPCRI, Israel/Palestine center for reseach and information
Israeli rule in the West Bank: legal and administrative aspectsThe West Bank Data Base Project
The Case for monetary integration between Jordan and PalestineDeanship of academic research
Breast Cancer Status in The Northern part of West bankAn-Najah National University
The role of credit instituions in the local developmentMa'an Development Center
Occupier's law: Israel and the West BankInstitute for Palestine Studies
The Palestinian Village HomeBritish Museum Publications
Palestinian external trade under Israeli occupation: United Nations conferenUnited Nations
Critique of the second palestinian draft law concerning charitable societies, socialPalestinian Centre for Human Rights
Agriculture and Water in West BankW.P
Targeting to kill: Israel's undercover unitspalestine Human Rights Information Center
An overview of the consequences of israeli occupation on the environment in the wPalestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment (LAW)

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