Moderne Stadtgeschichts-Forschung in Europa, USA und JapanDeutschen Instututs fur Urbanistik
loccident Devant La revolution SovietiqueTexte Inedit
Les Echos de la MemoireLe monde Editions
AktenlageCh. Links Verlag
Rethinking the Soviet ExperienceOxford University Press
L'historiographie de l'Afrique australe: documents de travail et compte rendu de la reunion d'expertUNESCO
The Writing of Canadian HistoryUniversity of Toronto Press
The Reconstruction of American historyHarper & Brothers
the Paths of historyCambridge University Press
The Subjects of art history: historical objects in contemporary perspectivesCambridge University Press
A History of ArchitectureArchitectural Press
The modern researcherHarcourt Brace Jovanovich
Blaming the victims: spurious scholarship and the palestinian questionVerso
The Invention of ancient IsraelRoutledge Taylor & Francis Group
Historiographical study of Indo-Muslim architecture : medieval architecture of IndiaHistorical Research Documentation Programme
The forgotten founders : rethinking the history of the Old WestShearwater Books
A companion to 20th-century AmericaBlackwell Pub.
An African-American reader essays on African- American history, culture and societyU.S. Department of State
History matters : patriarchy and the challenge of feminismUniversity of Pennsylvania Press
Caliphs and kings : Spain, 796-1031Wiley-Blackwell
African American history reconsideredUniversity of Illinois Press
Histoire et historiens en France depuis 1945Adpf

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