The word of of Samuel Beckett, 1906-1946Yale University Press
The Third ReichAlexandria
La egerre mondiale commenceTexte Inedit
La Cinquieme colonneHistoriques
La France A LondresTexte Inedit
La Liberation De ParisTexte Inedit
L'Epuration des IntellectuelsEditions Complexe
Les Chretiens Face Au Nazisme Et Au StalinismeTexte integral
Le Retour Des DeportesTexte integral
Les Echos de la MemoireLe monde Editions
Explaning Auschwitz and HiroshimaRoutledge
The Second World War IIICassell
Failure of a missionHodder and Stoughton
Must the war spreadpenguin books
Light on moscowFinland
The home front in the second world warCanadian
While six million diedScker & Warburg
The Evasive Neutral Germany, Britain and The Quest For a Turkish Alliance In The Second World WarUniversity Of Missouri Press
Two world : a realistic approach to the problem of keeping the peaceHarper & Brothers
The Macmillan dictionary of the second world warMacmillan
Displaced Persons: calwell's new AustraliansAustralin National university Press
Appeal to The NationsHenry Holt and Company
War the desert foxFoxvideo, Inc.
The world at wara signet book
Iwanami peace archives DVD book

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