Smoking In Public PlacesHMSO
The health consequences of smoking: Cardiovascular disease: a report of the Surgeon generalUS Department of Health and Human services
The Health Consequences of Smoking: Chronic Obstructive Lung diseaseU.S.Department of Health and Human
Smoking and health:report of the advisory committee to the surgeon general of the public health servU.S.Government printing office
Smoking issues : a quick guideDaniels Pub.
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The effect of Smoking on increasing the risk of Type 11 Diabetes Mellitus and HyprA-Najah National University
The effect of Smoking on increasing the risk of Type 11 Diabetes MellitusA-Najah National University
Smoking in schoolsBirmingham Health Education Unit in collaboration with Action on Smoking and Health
Smoking control strategies in developing countriesWorld Health Organization
Smoking status among university students in Irbid - JordanJordan University of Science and Technology
We're talking about smokingWayland
Tbacco control country profiles for the eastern mediterranean regionWorld Health Organiztion
Smoking, Culture and Economy in the middle est: the Egyptian Tobacco marketThe American University
The smoking digest was producedOffice of cancer communications national cancer institute

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