World Bank Group Assistance for Minerals Sector Development & Reform in Member CountriesWorld Bank
Post_Conflict ReconstructionThe World Bank
Procurement of goods or worksProcurement Policy and Coordination Unit, Operations Policy Dept., World Bank
Poland Country Assistance Review: Partnership in a Transition EconomyThe World Bank
The Earthist Challenge to EconomismMacmillan Press
Child Labor: issues and dirctions for the world BankThe International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Social Funds and Reaching the Poor: Experiences and Future Directions: Proceedings from an InternaoThe World Bank
The World Bank's Experience with Post-Conflict ReconstructionThe World Bank
Restructuring economies in distress: policy reform and the World BankOxford University Press
The informal sector and microfinance institutions in West AfricaThe World Bank
Public Expenditure Reform under Adjustment LeadingThe World Bank
Poverty Reduction and the World bankThe World Bank
Banagladesh : Progress Through PartnershipThe World Bank
Rebuilding the Mozamique EconomyThe World Bank
Reforming agricalture: The World Bank goes to marketThe World Bank
Intellectual property Rights in Agriculture: the World Bank's role in assistingThe World Bank
Governance: the world bank's experienceThe World Bank
Supply and installation of plant and equipmentThe World Bank
Poverty Reducation and the World Bank: progress and challenges in the 1990sThe World Bank
Knowledge & resources for developmentThe World Bank
India: The Challenges Of Development A Country Assistance EvaluationThe World Bank
the world bank partnerships for developmentcreative communications group
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency: Annual Report 2002The World Bank
District energy trends, issues, and opportunities: the role of the world bankThe World Bank

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