repenser le Tiers-MondeHistoriques
La Fin Du Modele SuedoisSyros
The Benelux: Aparadigm for the Middle East?Palestinian center for regional studies
Economics of Regulation and AntitrustD. C. Health and Company
Asian Industrialzation and Africa: Studies in policy Alternatives to Structural AdjustmentSt. Martin's Press
Asia's New GiantThe Brookings Institution
Indian's Economic Relations With the USSR and Eastern Europe 1953 To 1969University press
Restructuring economies in distress: policy reform and the World BankOxford University Press
Development under Adversity:The palestinian economy in transitionThe World Bank
Can the government govern?The Brookings Institution
Economic planning in Yemen arab republicYemen book Shope
Tanzanie l ujammaa face auxRecherche sur
The economics of the new europeRoutledge
The Logic of the Planned Economy : The Seeds of the CollapseOxford
Entwicklunges-politikPhysica-verlag heidelberg
HungaryGeorge Allen an Unwin
Mrs Thatcher's Economic ExperimentAllen Lane
The new industrial stateSight Books - The New American Library
Asia's New Giant how the japanese economy worksThe Brookings Institution
Canada in the New Global Economy: Problems and PoliciesJohn Wiley & Sons
The Relevance of Keynesian Economic Policies TodayMacmillan Press
Privatization and DevelopmentMacmillan Press
Beyond Poverty and Affluence: Towards a Canadian Economy of Care
The "New Right" enlightenmentEconomic and Literary Books
East-West relations and the future of Eastern EuropeAllen & Unwin

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