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Heating and coolimg of buildings : Design for efficiencyMcGraw-Hill
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HVAC System design for faculty of engineering building ( An -najah University)An - Najah National University /Faculty of Engineering
Heat ventilation and air condition using the geothermal systemAn-Najah National University
Mechanical systems for Nablus municipality commercial complex (Nablus)An-Najah National University
Mechanical system for Salame Bint Biti charitable opthalmic hospital (An-Najah UniAn-Najah National University
Mechanical systems for movenpic hotel in RamallahAn-Najah National University
Fundamentals of HVAC/RPrentice Hall
Mechanical systems of Al-Karmen residential buildingAn-Najah National University
Al Bahrain pediatric hospital mecahnical systems in buildingsAn-Najah National University

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