The QuranCurzon Press
The Holy Qur-ANQatara National Printing
the way to the Qur'anIslamic Propagation Centre International
The Quran : a new interpretationCurzon
The Quran- Part IIUniversity Microfilms International
The Tarjuman al-Qur'an : a critical analysis of Maulana Abu'l-Kalam Azad'sVikas
Muhammad and the Quranpenguin books
The Debacle of the Contemporary Divergent Self- Styled Muslim UmmahColorado
The Holy Qur’an : translations of selected versesThe Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought ; Islamic Texts Society
Towards a better understanding of the Qura’nic text : A discourse-based approachHamada Est.
What is the origin of man? : the answers of science and the holy scripturesSeghers
Reading the Qur'an : the contemporary relevance of the sacred text of IslamHurst & Company
The Koran interpretedOxford University Press

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