Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamCollins
Rubaiyat Of Omar KhayyamAvenel Books
The English Alliterative TraditionUniversity of Pennsylvania Press
Wester civilization to 1500Harper and Row
The Canterbury talespenguin books
SIR Gawain and the green Knightpenguin books
Monasterios de EspanaEspasa-Calpe
The Wtfe Of BathBedford Books
The Canterbury TalesRama Brothers
Le Temps des reformesEdition Complexe
The Franklin's TaleUniversity of London
Essays on Medieval Agriculture and General Problems of The medieval EconomyCambridge
Les Pauvres Au Moyen AgeTexte integral
الجزائر واروباالمؤسسة الوطنية للكتاب
The structures of Everyday lifeHarper&Raw
عالم العصور الوسطى فى النظم والحضارةمؤسسة شباب الجامعة
Feminist readings in middle english literatureRoutledge
The Romance of origins: language and sexual difference in middle english literatureUniversity of Pennsylvania Press
Malory and fifteenth-Century drama, lyrics, and balladsClarendon Press
Studies in medieval english romances : Some new approachesD. S. Brewer
Women and Literature in Britain.Cambridge University Press
The Complete Poetry and Prose of Geoffrey ChaucerHarcourt Brace Jovanovich college
Essantials of early englishRoutledge Taylor & Francis Group
The Age Of ChaucerPrentice Hall

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