Physicians' Desk referenceMedical Economics Data Production Co.
Principles of Drug Action: The Basis of phaqrm-acologyJohn Wiely & Sons
DrugA Wolters Kluwer CO.
Histochemical and immunohistochemical techniques: Applications to pharmacology and toxicologyChapman and Hall
Advances in Antiviral Drug DesignJaI Press Inc
Ultraviolet-Visible spectrophotometry in pharmaceuticalCRC Press
Adverse Drug Reactions ,APractical Guide to Diagnosis and ManagementJohn Wiley & Sons
ASHFS Drug InformationBoard of Directors of the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms:TabletsMarcel Dekker
Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms:Disperse systemsMarcel Dekker
Drugs in Modern SocietyBrown & Benchmark
Practical Notes on Pharmaceutics: for First Year Pharmacy Studentss.n.
Theoritical Aspects of Drug Action and Drug MetabolismFaculty of Pharmacy- Cairo University
Physician's DRUG HandbookSpringhouse Corporation
Chromatographic Analysis of PharmaceuticalsMarcel Dekker, Inc.
The Merck IndexMerck Research Laboratories
Misuse of DrugsWaterlow Publishers
European Drug IndexDeutscher Apotheker Verlag
Neonatal Drug FormularyKaiser permanente
Compendium of Drug & patient informationAmerican academy of Physican Assistants
The Merck IndexMerck &co
Cutaneous Drug Reactions: An integral Synopsis of todays Systems DrugsKarger
Mediciens:First AidBloomsbury
Transdermal Controlled Systemic MedicationsMarcek Dekker
Pharmaceutical Analysis : Modern MethodsMardel Dekker, Inc.,

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