Building Sound Finance in Emerging Market EconomicsInternational Monatary Fund
Rodolfo HalffterFundacion Banco Exterior
Arquitectura del renacimiento en Espan~a, 1488-1599CATEDRA
decentralisation and local infrastructure in mexicoOECD
Managing Disaster Risk in Mexico: Market Incentives for Mitigation InvestmentThe World Bank
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A Compact History of MexicoEl colegio de maxico
THE Isthmus Zapotecs A matrifocal Culture of MexicoHarcourt Brace Jovanovich
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The Aztecs of MexicoA Pelican book
Mexico's political economy:challenges at home and abroadSage
North America without bordersUniversity of Calgary Press
The Great rebellion: Mexico, 1905-1924W. W. Norton & Company
Profile of man and culture in MexicoUniversity of Texas Press
Making of the Mexican mindUniversity of Notre Dam Press
Judas at the jockey club and other episodes of porfirian MexicoUniversity Of Nebraska Press
Cornucopia de Mexico Y nueva cornucopia MexicanaFondo de cultura economica
Los grupos socioeconomicos Y la distribucion del ingreso en MexicoFondo de cultura economica
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Supervivencias de un mundo magicoFondo de cultura economica
La expulsion de los espanoles de Mexico (1821-1828)Fondo de cultura economica
Mexico setenta y cinco anos de revolucionFondo de cultura economica
Ensayo analitico metodologico de planificacion interregional en MexicoFondu cultura economica
Los nuevos medios de comunicacion masivaFondo de Cultura Economica,

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