Dictionary of literary termsMcGraw-Hill
English and TerminologyAl-Dar Al-Jamiiyah
Diccionario De Terminos LiterariosAlianza Editorial
Terminology for Allied Health ProfessionasWest CHicago
A Dictionary of Literary terms(english-French-Arabic)Librairie du Liban
10.000 Medical WordsMcgraw -hill book
English Language for Students of LawAl-Dar Al-Jamiiyah
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TerminologyUnited Nations
English and terminologyBeirut Arab University-faculty of law
Terminology Preliminary Study Of LawElrateb
The language of politicsRoutledge
A Dictionary of international relations and conference terminologyLibrary of Lebanon
Introduction To The Study Of LawAl-Dar Al-Jamiiyah
Handbook of data and definitions in higher educationA.A.C.R.A.O., Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
The Language of medicineW.B. Saunders Company
Statements on Management Accounting VOL.1 Of 6Palestine Accountants and Audtors Association
Statements management Accounting Vol.2 of 6Palestine Accountants and Auditors Association
Statements on Management Accounting Statement Number 4S¥June¥30,¥1993Institute of Management Accountants
Statements on Management Accounting Vol4 of 6Institute of Managements Accountants
Statments on Management Accounting Volume 5 of 6Institute of Management Accountants
Statment on Management Accounting Volume 6 of 6Institute of Management Accountants
Anew Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms English -ArabicLibrairie du Liban Publishers
Medical terminology: an anatomy and physiology systems approachPrentice Hall
Pharmaceutical xref book 2002W.B. Saunders Company

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