Business maths and statisticsEdward Arnold
Practical Business Math ProceduresIRWIN
Practical Bussiness Math ProceduresIRWIN
Mathematics for Business, Life Sciences, and Social SciencesJohn Wiley and Sons
Business mathematicsLongman
MATHEMATICS for Business Life Sciences and Social Sceinces
Business Mathematics: A Canadian FocusCopp Clark Longman LTD.
Business calculationsEdward Arnold
Essentials of business mathematicsHolt, Rinehart and Winston
Business MathematicsMacdonald and Evans
Business Mathematics: A Collegiate ApproachPrentice Hall
Retail Merchandising Mathematics: Principles and ProceduresPrentice Hall
Practical applications of business mathematicsPrentice-Hall
Mathematics for business occupationsWinthrop Publishers
Quantitative Methods for Business DecisionsChapman and Hall
Finite mathematics:an applied approachWiley &sons
Mathematical Analysis Business and Economic Applicationharper & row
Mathematical Analysis: Business and Economic ApplicationsHarper and Row Publishing
Mathematics for business OccupationsWinthrop Publishers
College Mathematics with Business ApplicationsPrentice Hall
Mathematics for business,life science,and,social scienceJohn Wiley and Sons
Business mathematicsCopp Clark Longman LTD.
business mathematicsCopp Clark Longman LTD.
Business mathematicsCopp Clark Longman LTD.
Business finance: cases and problemsmcGraw-hill company of Canada limited

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