Compact Dicitonary Of ChemistryViva Books
General Chemistry Laboratory OperationsMacmillan
separation & purificationJohn Wiley
Problem exercises for general chemistryJohn Wiley & Sons
Chemistry in the laboratoryBurgess International Group
Chemistry in the LaboratoryHarcourt Brace Jovanovich,
Integrated Experimental chemistryAllyn & Bacon
Quantitative analysis for public policyBarnes & Noble Books
Infrared spectra of inorganic and coordination compoundsWiley-interscience,
General ChemistryD.C. Heath and company
The proton in chemistryChampman
Chemistry: A modern introduction for sixth forms and collegesGeorge Allen & Unwin Ltd.
General Chemistry: Principles and StructureJohn Wiley and Sons
Fundamentals of ChemistryJohn Wiely & Sons.
General Chemistry: principles and structureJohn Wiely & Sons
Sucess in ChemistryJohn Murray
General chemistry : principles and structure.John Wiley
General Chemistry : Principles and Modern ApplicationsMacmillan publishing company
Advanced organic chemistry: Reactions & synthesisPlenum Press
Student's Guide to Accompany Essentials of General,Organic and BiochemistryW.B.Sanders Company Ltd,
Problem Exercises for General ChemistryJohn Wiley & Sons
Introduction to Modern chemistryPrentice-Hall
Chemical principles: Using internatiojnal system of unitsW.B. Sunders
The How and Why Wonder Book of Chemistry.Grosset & Dunlop
General ChemistryJohn Wiely & Sons

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