All about the USA : A cultural readerLongman
Voices of freedom, Book 1Prentice Hall
The Cambridge english course : Student's bookCambridge University Press
The Cambridge english courseCambridge University Press
Contact USA : A reading and vocabulary textPrentice Hall Regents
Pronunciation pairs : An introductory course for students of englishCambridge University Press
Crossroads 3Oxford University Press
Starting lines beginning writingHeinle & Heinle
For your information 2 : Intermediate reading skillsAddison-Wesley Longman
In good healthCB : Contemporary Books
HousingCB : Contemporary Books
Write to the pointAddison-Wesley
Basic composition for ESL : An exposiitory workbookHeinle & Heinle
Self-Correcting compositionsAbaca Books
Going places : Picture-Based english, Book 2Addison-Wesley Longman
Talk your head off (...and write too)Prentice Hall Regents
Lado picture dictionaryRegents/Printice Hall
Spectrum : A communicative cource in english , Teacher's edition 1BPrentice Hall Regents
Spectrum : A communicative cource in english , student book 4APrentice Hall Regents
Spectrum : A communicative cource in english, teacher's edition 4APrentice Hall Regents
Survival english : English through conversations : Book 1Prentice Hall Regent
Exploring english workbookCassell
xploring english teacher's bookCassell
Problem/solution: a reference for ESL writersHeinle and Heinle
Learning english through topics about AustraliaLongman Cheshire

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