KWIC Index of Rock Mechanics LiteratureSociety of mining engineers at the American Institute of Mining,metallurgical,a.
An Index And Other Useful Information:1-500.Springer-Verlan
Current Technology IndexLiberary Association Publishing Co.,
Motorola Power Device DataMotorola Inc.
European Drug IndexDeutscher Apotheker Verlag
Applied social sciences index & abstracts : ASSIALibrary Association
Education IndexH.W. Wilson Co.,
United Nations publications catalogue 1997-1998United Nations
Single-chip microcomputer data: a new plane in microcomputersMotorola Inc.
Bipolar power transistor and thyristor dataMotorola Inc.
1995 Index to IEEE punlications: proceedings of the IEEE, IEEE transportation, IEEE journals, IEEE sIEEE, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
1995 Index to IEEE publications: proceedings of the IEEE, IEEE transportations, IEEE journals, IEEEIEEE, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Motorola Re Device DataMotorola
American engineers of the nineteenth century : A Biographical indexGarland Publishing
Who else writes like? : a readers' guide to fiction authorsLibrary and Information Statistics Unit, Dept. of Library & Information Studies, Loughborough Univer
Comprehensive molecular insect science Vol. 7 : IndexesElsevier Pergamon
American drug index 2007Wolters Kluwer
1990 Index to IEEE PublicationsThe institute of Electrical and Eleectronics Engineers
Current contents : Life Sciences
Treaties in Force : A List of Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States in FoUnited States Government Printing Office
Chemical Abstracts Service : Registry Handbook
Index nominum : international drug directory = Internationales Arzneistoff- und Arzneimittelverzeichnis = R├ępertoire international des substances m├ędicamenteuseMedPharm

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