The Question of PalestineTimes Book Co.
The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Its History in MapsWeidenfeld and Nicolson
Palestine the Arabs and IsraelLongman Group
Palestine: the road to peaceLongman
Towards a Socialist Republic of PalestineIthaca Press
Negotiation Water: Israel& the PalestinianInstiute for Palestine Studies
Palistenian dilemma: Nationalist consciousness and University educatioThe Association of Arab-American University Graduates
The Palestinian Liberation OrganizationCambridge University Press
Preliminary vision of a Palestinian Education systemBirzet University
The Fifty Years War Israel & the Arabspenguin books
Towards The Establishment Of Amedical School In PalestineS.N
Developing Building Regulations for Disabled palestine 1996: CompendiumThe Norwegian Accocxiation For Disbled
Land Ownership in PalestineThe Publishing Committee
The Role Of Remittancee In The Life Of PalestiniansAn-Najah National University
A mountainous Journey:An AutobiographyThe women's press
A Mountainous Journey: an autobiographyThe women's press
The disinherited:journal of Palestinian exile with an epiloque 1974Modern reader
My talks with Arab leadersKeter Books
The historical geography of the Holy landCollins
Khirbat al Mafjar: an arabian mansion in the Jordan ValleyOxford at the Clarend on Press
The Palestinians : people of the olive treeJordan Book Centre
The Palestinian CouncilJerusalem Media and Communication Centre
PECDAR: Activity Report 1996Pecdar
Annual Statistical Book 1996Palestine Red Crescent Society

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