University translation: Arabic-EnglishAl-Nasr Bookshop
Approaches to translationPergamon Press
Translation/ History/CultureRouteledge
Language,Discourse and TranslationJohn Benjamins Publishing Company
Monitoring and Managing in the language of broadcasting and newspapersYarmouk University
Machine translation and translation theoryMouton de Gruyter
The translator's handbookSchreiber Publishing
Deconstruction and TranslationST.Jerome Publishing
Negotiating the Frontier Translators and Intercultures in Hispanic HistoryST.Jerome
Translation in a Postcolnial ContextST.Jerome
Translation and Literary CriticismST.Jerome
Conference Interpreting ExplainedST.Jerome
Method in Translation HistoryST.Jerome
Unity in DiversityST.Jerome
The Practices of Literary TranslationST.Jerome
Translating Cultures: an introduction for translators, interpreters and mediatorsST Jerome
Translation and literary criticism: translation as analysisST Jerome Publishing
Translation and EmpireST.Jerome
Traductio: essays on punning and translationST Jerome Publishing
Translating as a purposeful activity: functionalist approaches explainedST Jerome Publishing
Translation and genderST Jerome Publishing
Translation and language: linguistic theories explainedST Jerome Publishing
In other words: a coursebook on translationRoutledge
Western translation theory from Herodotus to NietzscheST Jerome Publishing
Translating literatureD.S.Brewer

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