Compact Dicitonary Of ChemistryViva Books
Compact Dictionary of BiologyViva Books
Wileman, RobinViva Books
Dictionary of English SynonymsViva Books
Dictionary of English IdiomsViva Books
A New Illustrated Science Dictionary with definitions and applications English-ArabicLibrairie du Liban Publishers
Concise Oxford English dictionaryOxford University Press
Cambridge advanced learner's dictionary.Cambridge international dictionary of English.
The Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary of Current UsageOxford, Clarendon Press
The New International Webster's Comprehensive Dictionary of the English LanguageTrident Reference Pub
New Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms: English-ArabicLibrairie du Liban Publishers
Al-Mawrid Al-Hadeeth: A modern English-Arabic Dictionary المورد الحديث: قاموس انكليزي-عربي حديثDar El-Ilm Lilmalayin دار العلم للملايين
Baillie`re's nurses' dictionary : for nurses and health care workers.Elsevier
Dictionary of physics.Sean Pidgeon
A Concise dictionary of English SlangHodder and Stoughton
A concise dictionary of English idiomsHodder and Stoughton
Van Nostrand's scientific EncyclopediaVan Nostrand
Oxford dictionary of current idiomatic English : v. 1. Verbs with prepositions & particlesOxford University Press
Dictionary of astronomy, space,and astrospheric phenomenaVan Nostrand Reinhold
Webster’s new collegiate dictionaryG. & C. Merriam Co
Oxford Advanced Learner'sOxford University Press
The advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current EnglishOxford University Press
The concise oxford dictionary of current EnglishS.L.
The Oxford English-Arabic dictionary of current usageClarendon Press
THE AMERICAN Heritage Dictionary of the English LanguageHoughton Mifflin Company

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