Selected PoemsFaber and Faber
Selected PoemsFaber and Faber
The complete poems of Emily DickinsonFaber and Faber
Selected poems 1938-1968Faber and Faber
73 PoemsFaber and Faber
Critics on Emily DicknisonUniversity of Miamy
Collected poems, 1909-1962Faber
Four quartetsFaber and Faber
T.S. Eliot, an introductionThe University of Chicago Press
The Art of T.S. EliotFaber and Faber
Critics on Ezra PoundThe University of Miami Press
Literary essays of Ezra PoundFaber and Faber
Henry's Fate and other poems, 1967-1972Faber and Faber
At the edge of the bodyHolt, Rinehart and Wincton
Selected PoemsFaber and Faber
Winter tressFaber and Faber
Old Possum's Book Of Practical CatsFaber and Faber
Black Riders: The Visible Language Of ModernPrincete University press
Collected PoemsFaber & Faber Ltd.
Selected Poems,1923-1958Faber and Faber
Studentُs guide to the selected poems of T. S. EliotFaber and Faber
The Cantos of Ezra PoundFaber and Faber
Chief Modern Poets of Britain and AmericaMacmillan Publishing Co., Inc.
Selected Poems Of Ezra PoundA new Direction Paperbook
The Waste LandMacmillan

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