Women of TrachisFaber & Faber
THe Orestelapenguin books
the oresteian Trilogypenguin books
The Oresteian trilogy:A gamemnon, the Choephori , the EumenidesHarmondsworth
The acharnians the Clouds Lysistratapenguin books
Aristophanes Lysistrata* An English versionFaber & Faber
Aristotale:Rhetoric & poetics.-The Modern Library
Three Plays: Alcestis, Hippolytus, Iphigenia in Taurispenguin books
Electra and other playspenguin books
Cliffs Notes on Euripides': Electra & MediaCliffs Notes Inc.
Agamemnon, The Coephori, The EumenidesCliffs Notes
The Theban playsPenguin
Babylonian Dimensions in Greek MythologyDar Tlas for studies Translation and Publication
Oedipus Rex: In arabic and Greek Legacy A CritiqueUniversity &akademia
The three Theban plays : Antigone, Oedipus the king, Oedipus at Colonuspenguin books
Sophocles: the oedipus cycleHarcourt Brace & company
Sophocles the oedipus cycleHarvest book,Harcourt brace&company
Medea and Electra : notesCliffs Notes
MedeaNick Hern Books
AntigoneDover Publications
Alcestis and other playspenguin books
Ancient GreeceCherrytree Books
MedeaConnoisseur Video
Antigone: Theban PlaysBBC Worldwide Ltd.
Antigone: Theban PlaysBBC Worldwide Ltd.

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