Selected PoemsFaber and Faber
Selected PoemsFaber and Faber
Collected poems, 1909-1962Faber
T.S. Eliot, an introductionThe University of Chicago Press
Critics on Ezra PoundThe University of Miami Press
Literary essays of Ezra PoundFaber and Faber
Henry's Fate and other poems, 1967-1972Faber and Faber
At the edge of the bodyHolt, Rinehart and Wincton
Selected PoemsFaber and Faber
Winter tressFaber and Faber
The cocktail partyFaber and Faber
The confidential clerk: aplayFaber and Faber
The portable Steinbeckpenguin books
Notes on the Grapes of wrathLongmans
Stories, essays and poems including the foxMelbourne and Toronto
Krapp's last Tape and EmbersFaber and Faber
Pound,Yeats, Eliot and The Modernist MovementMacmillan Press
Cambridge book of English verse 1939-1975Cambridge University Press
NorthFaber and Faber
Crow: From the life and songs of the crowFaber and Faber
A local habitationFaber and Faber
Selected poems: in five setsFaber and Faber
Some time after and other poemsFaber and Faber
The use of poetry and the use of criticismFaber and Faber
Poetry 1900to 1975Longman

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