Environmental quality managementMcGraw-Hill Book Co.
Energy HandbookVan Nostrand Reinhold Company
Glossary of the Environment with French and German EquivalentsPrager publishers
Environmental protectionMcGraw-Hill Book Co.
Earthscape: a manual of environmental planningMcGraw-Hill
Priorities of Environmental Expenditures in Industry: Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet UnionThe World Bank
Umweltschutz durch rechtInstitut fur Umweltrecht
Umweltschutz in der FlachennutzungsplanungBauverlag
Making Cities Work: the role of load Authorities in the urban EnvironmentEarthscan Publications Ltd
Environmental science: The Way the World WorksPrentice-Hall, Inc.,
AdreBbuch UmweltschutzBauverlag GmbH
Biosphere 2000:Protecting our Global EnvironmentHarper Collins College
Biosphere 2000: Protecying Our Global EnvironmentHarper Collins College
Environmental Sicence : Action For a Sustainble Futurethe Benjamin/ Cummings Publishing
Earth in the Balance : Ecology and The human spriritA Plume Book
Measuring the benefits of clean air and waterResources for the future
The Control of NatureThe Noonday press
Proceedings of the expert group meeting on harmonization of environmental standards in the energy seUnited Nations-ESCWA
Resolving Environmental Regulatory DisputesSchenkman Publishing
The disaster lobbyFollett publishing company
Introduction to environmental scienceW. H. Freeman and Company
Human environments and natural systemsduxbury press
Proceedings of the symposium on environmental aspects of electrochemical technology: applications inThe Electrochemical Society, Inc.
Towards harmonization of environmental standardsUnited Nations
The Islamic World and the Sustainable Development(Specificities,Challenges and Commitment)The Islamic Educational,Scientific and Cultural Oranization-ISESCO-

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