Terza Mostra Internazionale Dikrchitectura: Third International Exhibition ArchitectureElecta Editrice
The Time of The AssassingHolt, Rinehart and Winston
Local & regional response to glbal pressureResearch Series
The PrinceDavid Campbell Publishers
Academic Power in ItalyUniversity of Chicago Press
The Civilization of the Renaissance in ItalyHarper Colophon Books
Andera MantegnaRoyal Academy of arts
Lives of The Painters, Sculptors and ArchitectsEveryman's Library
Voyage en ItalieEditions Complexe
A RomeEditions Complexe
Esquisses VenitiennesEditions Complexe
L'Italie d'HierEditions Complexe
Fascist Visions: art and Ideology in France and italyPrrinceton university Press
young Italian Architects: Giovani Archite italianiBirkauser Publisher
Merchants in crisis : genoese and Venetian men of affairs and the 14th.Yale Univ
Italian pictures of the RenaissancePhaidon Press
Italian pictures of the RenaissancePhaidon Press
Italian pictures of the RenaissanceThe Phaidon press
The PrinceA mentor book
Ziegelgitterim Alpen-Adria-RaumInter nationales Stadteforum
Peasant Communism In Southern ItalyYale University Press
The Italian Left A Short History Of Political Socialism In ItalyLongmans, Green And Co
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