Journal of Applied PhysicsAmerican Institute of phsics
Journal of Physics: Condensed MatterInstitute of Physics Publishing
International Journal of Modern Physics AWorld Scientific Publishing Company
Physical Review A : Atomic, Moleculr, and Optical PhysicsAmerican Physical Society
Applied Physics LettersAmerican Institute of Physics
Physics WorldInstitute of Physics Publishing Ltd.,
Modern Physics Letters BWorld Scientific
Modern Physics Letters AWorld Scientific
Power Engineering JournalThe Institute of Electrical Engineers
Trends in Pharmacological sciencesElsive Science Publishers
Education & TrainingMCB University Press
Engineering Science and Education JournalThe Institution of Electrical Engineers.
News From WithinAlternative Information Center
IEE ReviewThe Institution of Elecrical Engineers
Teaching HistoryHistorical Association
International Journal of Modern Physics BWorld Scientific
SIAM : Theory of Probability and its ApplicationsThe Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Bulletin of the London Mathematical SocietyLondon Mathematical Society
Al-Liqa' JournalThe Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in Studies in the Holy Land
Advances in antiviral drug design.JaI Press Inc
Biographical Memories of Fellows of the Royal SocietyThe Royal Society
Urban StudiesLongman Group Ltd.
Bulletin des etudes Portugaises et BresiliennesA.D.P.F
Bulletin des etudes Portugaises et BresiliennesRecherche sur les civilisations

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