World Book of America's PresidentsWorld Book, Inc.
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Woman Of EgyptSimon & Schuster
A Pictorial History of Franklin Delano RooseveltSelect Edition
Comparative Studies in PhilosophyAllen and Unwin
Reagan and the Middle EastThe Association of Arab-American University Graduates
In search of identityCollins
The Memories of Richard NixonWARNER BOOKS
The Politics of the PresidencyCongressional Quarterly, Inc.
The Politics of the PresidencyJohn Wiley and Sons
The Electoral College PrimerNew Haven
Presidental SelectionDuke University Press
President And Congress Power And PolicyA Free Press Paperback
Presidential Spending PowerPrinceton University Press
In pursuit of reason: The life of Thomas JeffersonLouisiana State University Press
Presidential Power and the Constitution EssaysCornell University Press
THE POSTMODERN PRESIDENT: The White House Meets the WorldChatham House
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The presidential haracter : predecting performance in the white housePrentice Hall, Inc.,
The Presidency and the Political SystemCongressional Quarterly, Inc.,
Congress and the presidency institutional politics in separated systemAuthers
The symbolic Presidency : How Presidents Portray ThemselvesChampman and Hall
Invitation to StruggleCongressional Quarterly, Inc.,
Primary colors :a novel of politicsRandom House
The making of the president 1960A Theneum Publishers

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