Dictionary of English IdiomsViva Books
A concise dictionary of English idiomsHodder and Stoughton
Oxford dictionary of current idiomatic English : v. 1. Verbs with prepositions & particlesOxford University Press
A Thesaurus of yraditional english metaphorsRoutledge
English idioms and grammar.Berlitz
Longman idioms dictionaryAddison Wesley Longman : Pearson Longman
American Idioms Dictionary, over 4000 idiomsLongman
Oxford collocations dictionary : for students of English.Oxford University Press
Dictionary of selected English collocationsLanguage Teaching Publications
Brewer's dictionary of phrase and fableCassell
A dictionary of American idiomsBarron's
NTC's Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs: and Other Idiomatic Verbal PhrasesMcGraw-Hill Contemporary
Everyday Idioms : For Reference and Practice Book TwoLongman
McGraw-Hill's dictionary of American idioms and phrasal VerbsMcGraw-Hill
Scholastic Dictionary of IdiomsScholastic Reference
Idioms and phrases containing more than 5000 idioms and phrasesSura college of competition
Dictionary of idiomsCrescent Publishing Corporation
Cambridge dictionary of American idiomsCambridge University Press
In the know : understanding and using idiomsCambridge University Press
English idioms in use : 60 units of vocabulary reference and practice self - study and classroom useCambridge University Press
English collocations in use : how words work together for fluent and natural English : self-study and classroom useCambridge University Press
McGraw-Hill's essential American idioms dictionaryMcGraw-Hill
The impact of textbooks collocational tasks on the EFL arab learners’ retention and use of english collocational formHebron University
Petra treasury of essential idiomsAuthor
Dictionary of idioms and phrasesLotus Press

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