Adam BedeDavid Campbell Publishers
Under western eyesDavid Campbell Publiashers
Lord Jim A TaleDavid Campbell Publishers
Typhoon and other storiesDavid Campbell Publishers
Nostromo A Tale of the seaboardDavid Campbell Publishers
Barchester towersDavid Campbell Publishers
Howards endDavid Campbell Publishers
The Human FactorEveryman's Library
The Children of MenAlfred A.knopf
the Odessa fileCorgi Books
Ford Madox Ford's NovelsUniversity of Minnesota
Nicholas NicklebyEveryman's Library
Lord of the fliesCapricorn Books
The Rrise of the novelPenguin Bokks
Sons and loverspenguin books
Early victorian novelistsCollins
The history of tom jonesEveryman's Library
To the lighthousepenguin books
The English novel a short critical historypenguin books
Modern short storiesLongman
The English novel in history, 1895-1920Routledge
Space and the eighteenth-century English novelCambridge University Press
The old curiosity shopEveryman's Library
Phineas finn, the irish memberEveryman's Library
The last chronicle of barestEveryman's Library

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