ANTHROPOLOGY TodayCommunications Research
Research Methods In Social AnthropologyEdward Arlond
Las ideas gnoseologicas de heideggercritica
Arte y antropologiaAlianza
Doing Fieldwork: Warnings and AdviceThe University of Chicago
Cultural Anthropology: A Problem Based ApproachF.E. Peacock Publishers
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Our KindHarper pernnial
The Proper study of Mankind: an Inquiry into the Science of Human relationHarper &Row
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The Individual and CultureThe Dorsey Press
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Man : His first million yearsThe New American Library
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The Study Of AnthropologyThomas Y. Growell Company
Cultural AnthropologyAllyn and Bacon
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Anthropology 82/83The Dushkin Publishing Group, Inc.
Readings in anthropology 80/81The Dushkin Publishing Group, Inc.
Anthropology 83/84The Dushkin Publishing group
Anthropology 81/82The Dushkin Publishing group
Humanity and culture : an introduction to anthropologyHoughton
Readings In AnthropologyThomas Y.Growell Company
A Little anthropologyPrentice Hall

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