Further scientific english PracticeLongmans
Patterns of FactEdward Arnold
English practice for engineersLongman
Agriculture:Book 3Collier Macmillan
Special English for businessCollier Macmillan
AviationCollier Macmillan
English for computer scienceOxford University Press
English as a foreign language for science studentsHEINEMANN educational books
Beginning Scientific English Book 2Thomas Nelson and Sons
English in mechanical engineeringOxford University Press
A course in basic scientific EnglishLongmans
A Course in English for the Students of Science and TechnologyDar Al-Amal
A Course in English For Engineering and Science Studiesمركزالتعريبوالنشر
A Course in Basic Scientific EnglishLongman
Management in English language teachingCambridge University Press
AgriculturePhoenix ELT
English in agricultureOxford University Press
The Carsat crisisBBC English by Radio and Television
Development in ESP : A multi-disciplinary approachCambridge University Press
Elementary technical English : students' book 2Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd.
Technical communication: a practical approachPearson/Prentice Hall
Industrial english for jordan : Book threeMinistry of education
A first course in technical English : reading textsHEINEMANN educational books
Technical writing : process and productPearson Prentice Hall

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