Up from slavery:An autobiographyBantam Books
Case concerning rights of nationals of the united states of america in moroccoInternational Court Of Justice : A. W. Sijthoff's Pub.
Multimedia materials for Afro_Amerrican studiesR. R. Bowker Company
Black home ownershipPraeger Publishers
Racism in the United States : An American dilemmaHolt, Rinehart and Winston
Black Families In White AmericaPrentice-Hall
The negro in the supermarket industryIndustrial Research Unit, University of Pennsylvania
The Negro In New York An Informal Social HistoryThe New York Public Library
Beyond Block and WhiteThe New york times book co
The Isis Papers:the Keys to the ColorsThird world Press
Stride Toward FreedomHaprer & Row
Slave religion : the invisible institution in the Antebellum SouthOxford University Press
Stones for Ibarrapenguin books
Americans in Paris : a literary anthologyLibrary of America
Black leaders of the twentieth centuryUniversity of Illinois Press
Between God and Gangsta' Rap: Bearing Witness to Black CultureOxford University Press
Deception pointCorgi Books
Tar BeachDragonfly Books
The brokerArrow Books
The namesVintage Books
Anna's house : the American Colony in JerusalemRimal Publications
W.E.B. Du Bois : biography of a race, 1868-1919Henry Holt and Co.
The woman in the fifthArrow Books
Tropic of cancerBlack Cat Book
The buccaneers : a novelpenguin books

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