Towards a Sound AwakeningISESCO
The University of IslamISESCO
Towards a Sound AwakeningISESCO
Islamic Architecture in Cairo - An IntroductionBrill
Islamic DesignsBritish Museum Press
Lessons in islamic economicsIslami Development Bank
What is islamic economics ?Islamic Development Bank
Towards A Sound AwakeningPublications of the islamic Educational
Waqfs in Palestine and Israel-from the ottoman reforms to the presentThe American University
Islamic research academy (ISRA): 1994- 2004Islamic research academy
The Cambridge history of Islam The Indian sub-continent, South-East Asia, Africa and the Muslim WesCambridge University Press
Islamophobia : the challenge of pluralism in the 21st centuryOxford University Press
Advances in Islamic economics and finance, Vol 1 : Proceedings of 6th international conference on Islamic economics and financeIslamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank Group

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