The Kuwait fund and the political economy of Arab regional develPraeger
Imam Al-ShafiiPublication of the Isalmic Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization
L'Affaire LyssenkoEditions Complexe
The Muslim BrothersUniversity Microfilms International
Al-Ghazali :the MysticUniversity Microfilms International
Torture and intimidation in the West Bank : the case of al-Fara'a Prison : a reportInternational Commission of Jurists and its West Bank affiliate Law in the Service of Man
Israel and the decline of the peace process, 1996-2003Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research
The Emergence of a Palestinian Globalized Elite, Donars, International OrganizatioMuwatin
A child in Palestine : the cartoons of Naji al-AliVerso Books
Mayada, daughter of Iraq : one woman's survival in Saddam Hussein's torture jailBantam
Contemporary Arab broadcast mediaEdinburgh University Press
Achievements and Aspirations the Annual Report 2006-2007Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi Institute
Martyrdom in IslamCambridge University Press
Back stories : U.S. news production and Palestinian politicsStanford University Press

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