Longman English GrammarLongman Group UK Limited
Empire of wordsPrinceton Unviersity Press princeton,new jersey
The Attitudes Of Arab University Students Toward Learning English[ S.N ]
The Glory of GoodHarold C. Funk
English idioms and grammar.Berlitz
A Course on WordsHarcourt Brace Jovanovich
The Major Syntactic Structures of EnglishHolt,Rinehart and Winston, Inc
engels_nederlands nederelands_engels woordenboek : english_dutch dutch_english dictionaryBerlitz
English Exercises : English as a Foreign LanuageRinehart and Company, Inc.,
The Glory of GoodHarold C. Funk
Al-Nahda dictionary English-ArabicThe Renissance bookshop
Warriner's English Grammar and Composition : Complete CourseHarcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers
practice exercises in everyday english for advanced foreign studentsSimon and Schuster.
The Elements of styleThe Macmillan company
English PronunciationHeffer.Cambridge
An introduction to prose style; a handbook for college studentsRinehart
A Collection of Readings for WritersHarper & Brother
Websters DictionaryFawcett
Roget's thesaurus of English words and phrasesLongman
Better spoken englishMacmillan
Living english structure: a practice book for foregin studentsLongmans
Al-Manar: an english-arabic dictionaryLongman
Roget's thesaurus of English words and phrasesLongmans
Rogert`s thesaurus of English Wordss.n.
Problems and principles in English teachingPergamon Press

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