Common misftakes in english; with exercisesLongmans
The visual element in language teachingLongmans
Reasons for Reading:Students' bookHEINEMANN educational books
Reading comprehension Test paperOxford University Press
Communicate I. english for social interaction:Teacher's BookCambridge Uninversity Press
Communicate l: English for social interactionCambridge University Press
A day in the lifeCollier Macmillan Publisher
Rhetoric and LiteratureMcGraw-Hill Book Co.
An Introduction to English StudiesEdward Arlond
The American LanguageAlfred a. Knopf
A programed approach to good spellingPrentice-Hall
The Essentials of EnglishCollier Macmillan
Introducing Applied Linguisticspenguin books
English ComprehensionCollins Clear-Type Press
Comprehension through readingHEINEMANN educational books
Teaching and Learning English:selected and simplified readingsLongmans
Cambridge First Certificate English.acmillan
English in ActionD.C. Health and Company
English grammar and composition:2nd courseHarcourt Brace Jovanovich
Exercises in situational compositionLongman Group Ltd.
English for computer scienceOxford University Press
Fifty Certificate Comprehension TestsMacmillan
Student's Book of College EnglishGlencoe Publishing
The Teaching of PronunciationCambridge University Press
English in Workshop PracticeOxford University Press

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