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Books about "19th century."

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Master builder, and other Plays

penguin books

Victorian poetry, 1830 to 1870; an anthology


Modernism and time : the logic of abundance in literature, science, and culture, 1880-1930

Cambridge University Press

Jane Austen, feminism and fiction

Athlone Press

Revolution and the form of the British novel, 1790-1825 : intercepted letters, interrupted seduction

Oxford University Press

Jane Austen and representations of Regency England


Constructions of the jew in english literature and society

Cambridge University Press

The making of Victorian drama

Cambridge University Press

Weighed the balance


The English novel in history, 1840-1895


Les anciens Canadiens

Bibliotheque Quebecoise

The victorian theory 1792_1914

Cambridge University Press

The sources of modern architecture and design

Thames and Hudson

Past and present

Everuman's Library

Past and present

Evruman's Library
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