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Books about "19th. century"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Alice in wonderland

W.W. Norton

The English Romantic poets: A review of research and criticism

The Modern Language Association of america

Barchester Towers: Notes

Coles Publishing

Note's onGeorge Eliot's the Millon the Floss

Methuen PaperrbacksLtd

A choice of Tennyson's verse

Faber and Faber

A choice of Byron's Verse


Heinrich Heine : A modern biography

At the University Press

The Penguin book of Victorian Verse: acritical authology

penguin books

Memories and impressions

penguin books

Charles Dickens:Great expectations

Edward Arnold

Wuthering Heights:a casebook


Notes on Oliver Twist


Men and women and otherpoems

J.M. Dent

The Poetical works of Shelley

Mifflin company

Notes on the Invisibleman


Notes on Jane Eyre


Notes on Adam Bede


Notes on Pygmalion


Notes on Treasure Island


Notes on J.M. Syng's The playboy of the Western World

Methuen Paperbacks

Oscar Wilde


Women Writers and poetic Identy

Priceton University Press

Heart of Darkness: An Authoritative Text Backgrounds and Sources Criticism

W.W. Norton & Company , 1977

Poems of Robert Browing

Oxford University Press

A Doll's hous, The Wld duck, The lady from the Sea

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